The Party


Party of 4 Adventurers

Mythberry is a group of Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, friends and players that set out to improve our table top experience. What started as a passion project for our tables quickly turned into something we wanted to share. 

The Rogue, Stephen, is always making sure we get a fair shake from any shop or tavern we frequent on our adventures. He keeps track of all our finances and while we know he skims a little off the top, for his own ambitions, we trust him with our lives. 

Our Artificer, Devan, keeps track of where we've been and where we're going. His cartography skills are the best in the kingdom and his stories have stopped many a brawl from breaking out. 

Sean is our resident Alchemist! If you need something made or designed you would be a fool to look elsewhere. His abilities to reason out and draft up new concepts is unrivaled, bringing life to any of his creations.

Geoff is our Wizard ... once you get him talking he will never stop. The ideas flow and the scrolls fly. If you have even the smallest of inkling of a concept, bring it to him and it will become a spectacle more grand than your wildest dreams.

This is our party; ready to take on any foe that might cross our path. We might have started with the humblest of beginnings in a tavern but we look forward to the fights ahead and the adventures this party will see.