Best Practices - Building

You have your tiles now (Yay!) and are looking to build something. On this page, we will cover some of the basics on how The Wizard pulls off some of his creations on Instagram.

Let's start with connecting two tiles. The Wizard recommends using two Mythberries in the middle to leave the edges open for walls and other things.

Mythberry Base Connection
The next build to familiarize yourself with, according to The Wizard, should be a corner. Once you attach the Mythberry, use an edge piece to fill in the corner gap and add strength.
Mythberry Corner
A popular request from fellow adventurers/builders is how to create a hinge or a door. There are quite a few ways to do this; the easiest is using the Mythberries and connecting them so that a single node is attached to the piece you want to pivot. For a trap floor, use the same slot on either side. For an upright door, use one on the top and one on the bottom. See below for a trap door example.
Mythberry Hinge
When building a wall or a tower, you might want to make it so your minis can peer over and you may want to create a better image for all to see. In order to do this, simply use the connects to come out partway up out of the wall tile.
Mythberry platform
By using all these mechanics you too can build something like this: