Week 1 Updates on Kickstarter

It’s the end of week 1 and we are 25% funded! Thank you everyone for the support you have given us. Please keep sharing and finding people to support us, we really appreciate it.

We have been testing some new features and are super happy to confirm that wet erase markers, those that everyone uses on their battle mats, are totally safe to use on our tiles!

We ran tests on our tiles for a 7 day period and the marks came off flawlessly with warm soapy water. Our tiles are non porous and durable so they can be easily cleaned by submerging them in soapy water.



Next, we wanted to show off a fun way to run a fog of war maze using our tiles. Thanks to an idea from one of our backers and the ingenuity of our Alchemist, take a look at this:

We are right on pace to meet our goal! If you are somebody that would be interested in helping get our kickstarter in front of more people, please reach out to us via DM or email and we would love to talk about some opportunities to work together.

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