New add-on and a published review

Hey everyone!

Not sure if you heard but our friends over at Everything Board Games did a review of our tiles. Feel free to check it out! They did a great job going through the functions and details of our system after 24 hours of playing with it.

We are also super excited to announce a new add on! While we don't have samples from the local supplier yet, we wanted to share what we have been up to.  We have created cap stickers! These stickers are designed for a super quick and easy way to add designs to the cap system and will be sold 8 per sheet. Designs are still being worked on but as soon as we have samples, we will post another update with some photos. The add-on is available now! We will ask which theme you would like before fulfilling. 

Lastly, we have been asked to demonstrate how the caps work with a 3D printed .stl file. Here is a short video using caps from our STL Cap file add on

These are what the cap file contains:

 A few photos of them painted after printing:

The possibilities are truly endless with the caps and what people can do with their designs. Thank you all for the incredible support and feedback, we really appreciate it! Please keep sharing us with all your friends!