Mythberry Studio June 2021 Kickstarter

Hear ye, hear ye!

MythberryStudio welcomes one and all to our Kickstarter announcement! We’re the creators of MythberryTiles, our flagship modular terrain tile system.

Poised to bring our tiles to life, our tiles are compatible with every major terrain tile system so they can be used in conjunction with your existing sets or be used as a stand-alone system to start your party's adventure!

Our mould, which has already been created, gets filled with hardened ABS plastic that is durable and rigid, ready to stand the test of time with your builds.

This base set will be at the beck and call of both B2B and direct customers off of our website. By supporting us directly, you’ll be able to steer us in the direction you want to see go, and perhaps even a few “secrets” that we’ll unlock.

You can expect to see our Kickstarter link up in our announcement bar at the top of the screen, as well as a “gone live” announcement once we launch.

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From all of us at Mythberry Studio,
Thank you!