Listen, Read, Watch, video review and stickers!

 Hey all,

First things first want to give a shoutout to GrayPrimer and his team for this wonderful display! He was given a box by us and has done a video review of the unboxing and a gorgeous paint job of the tiles. Take a look below:


 Go check out their channel here:


Next we would like to finally introduce you to our wonderful artist, Trung! We commissioned him to make all the lovely art work in our kickstarter! Check out some of his other stuff over on Instagram 

Not only did he do all those images he graciously offered to help with our sticker designs. We are awaiting official samples from the manufacturer but here is a sneak peek on what we are looking to have. More designs to come, so let us know what textures you would like to see.

These sticker packs would apply to the removable caps to add further versatility to the tile system and allow details for those that aren't looking to paint them themselves. 

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing our project and backed us so far. We are so happy with the support we have seen and can't wait to see what you all will do with this system in your hands.

Psst if you haven't seen our Kickstarter video it's here :)