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A year and a half ago, four friends set off on the adventure of a lifetime, to create MythberryTiles, striking, "versa-tile", imagination assistance for the DM on the go. Customizable strong ABS injection moulded plastic tiles that lock in using our Mythberries—a three-point connector system that provides the ability to build up and out across your tabletop, to create your most elaborate stories. Our custom caps also provide the perfect canvas for rustic tavern walls, dungeon walls, etc. There are even more options with our 3D .stl templates, allowing you to print textures at home and giving you endless customization!

We went forward with our plan and chose to operate under MythberryStudio, our own game publishing and story house to let all our Imagination Assistance flow. 

Our first product, the MythberryTiles is a 3D modular Terrain tile system, capable of swapping out Caps to provide versatility, and a Berry component to provide structure and stability. We set out to find local manufacturers in Canada to breathe life into our product, ABS Plastic had to be it, for it's ability to hold onto miniature paints and it's ruggedness for the Dungeon Master/Gamer on the go.

We A/B tested emails to over 37 manufacturers each of them claiming we were too small and to come back to them when we were looking for a +1million CAD order. That's when we found Kathy our manufacturer, who decided to take the chance on us to build our product. MythberryStudio pooled together our resources and built our product, making sure to make it right and asking for a few revisions.

Now we are on our next journey, funding the product so we can pay for our next mould, build up the product offering and a proof of business acumen, we've done it contrary to what marketing suggests, of trickling our content and starving people for months on end with small updates and holding money for prolonged periods of time. We're trying to be good company, one that doesn't create stress of scarcity, actually.

For every pledge = to a box or a box we have teamed up with One Tree Planted, to make sure we're starting off on the right foot. Please share our kickstarter with anyone you believe will find interest in the product. It would do us the world of good.

Your Rogue,